You (Interlude)

Featuring Korry Deez

He told me don’t fix what isn’t broken
It’s natural for me to over analyze emotion
Complicate the simple
Like is this a sign or symbol
Or am I missing the point
If I’ve been blessed then just enjoy it
If you’re supposed to be my soul-mate than this (is) annoying
Because for this I’ve NevR really believed in
A special human being for me
Hand-crafted by God
My logic won’t allow it
Or wouldn’t
Funny, it all seems possible now
But honest, as far as Josiah, I couldn’t
And it’s illogical to think that this is all about a woman
It’s not
You know it and I know it
And I’ve noticed I’m so much more alive and inspired in our moments
Feeling so unjustified to call you my soul-mate
But demoted
Because I’ll NevR be able to treat you like it or show it
I hope you know you’re worth so much more
Than me mirroring your emotions only when I can afford it
Or when I can avoid bumping into familiar faces
Only to fill a void in my soul under stimulated
We can both see through the matrix
And I’m committing suicide ignoring what’s important
I built me a prison and I’m feeling to just embrace it
Sacrifice myself for the future generation
I heard that you grew your wings back
I’m proud of you
Be powerful
I love you
Keep it going
I’ll be here applauding
I suppose you should know
Told you so
I told you, I told you
Now you know
I've got to go
I told you, I told you
“You Interlude” Produced by Junia-T