We spent a large amount of our relationship holding back.
Muffling emotion,
Denying our connection,
Thinking through,
In reserved embrace.
The truth is I fell in love with you instantly.
Before having the tangible truths to explain myself to anyone.
Love and relentless passion lay behind my calm surface.
We moved forward in a way regardless of our indescribable connection.
We questioned together.
Doubted together.
Shared every thought. Analyzed.
And discovered nothing but reaffirmation of our feelings.
Each word you contributed to our conversations made me honour you more and more.
Our time together until now has given me real words to describe our connection.
And so, when I promise to you, vow to you, it is coming not only from passion and unconditional love but from a place of unwavering confidence.
Leah, I will honour and cherish you unconditionally. In sickness and in health. Through struggle and rejoice.
I already do.
I have for you an endless supply of love, friendship and forgiveness. Until we are called back.
In God’s knowledge.
And before the eyes of the world.
I am yours.



‎My Dearest Stephan,
To me, marriage means that I am choosing to construct a family with God and you. Thank You Father God for doing me the honour of designing Stephan specifically for me and for bringing us together. Thank you Stephan for the honour of choosing me to be your helpmate in this life. By the grace of God I promise to be the best wife and mother that I can be for the glory of God and for the benefit of our family. Stephan, I pledge my entire being to blessing and supporting you in this life. I pledge my heart and mind to your mental, spiritual, and emotional growth, as well as my gifts to making your day to day existence all the more fulfilling and enjoyable.

I fell in love with you during our first text message conversation and with every conversation after that. It is as though my entire life was one big preparation for you. To this day I visit every nook and cranny of your psyche and realize I have been there before. I found my home in the Godly fibers that line your intellect, and it is my desire to spend my life nurturing them so that you may constantly be an ever brightening reflection of God’s image.

You are the best confidant, mirror and friend I could ever hope to wish for. Thank you for always putting me first. Thank you for lovingly showing me truths about myself in such a way that I love you even more. To every extent you are my reflection. To this day I am awestruck at your existence. I will forever stand convicted that you were designed for me. There are not enough words to express the honour I have of being your wife.

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