To Vince,

Thank you.


In retrospect, I would like to acknowledge that I understand one’s mental and spiritual state is sculpted by much more than from just one person’s influence, and perhaps there are others who deserve an equal serving of my gratitude. I, myself, could NevR give credit to a sole aspect of my life for defining the majority of who I am today. Nevertheless, reflections of your presence overwhelm my acknowledgment more than that of any other in regards to Leah. You and my father share a commonality in that you are both men who’s potential outweighs your accomplishments. Innate, profound wisdom and self-actualization that, for the most part, goes unseen by many in mere quick flashes of public brilliance, nothing standing the test of time. Well granted, nothing is inaccurate. And one can hardly say that your brilliance as a man has been wasted due to a lack of published work or world renown, because the beauty of who you are lives on beyond your life and courses through the lives of your children. This is the case with your precious first child. Her existence, to me, is nothing short of a reminder of our Creator. Every weakness, every strength, thought process and personality trait so tailor fitted to my being that I can not feel less than sheer appreciation for a life in her presence. I promise you, my honour and reverence for her meets every necessity and satisfies any reservation that a father might have in regards to giving away something as deeply cherished as one of his daughters. Leah is what I would want my daughter to grow to be, and in this, I grow a supreme appreciation for your influence in her life. My friendship with her is inherent and without effort due to your interests, beliefs, sense of humour and personality traits imparted unto her through countless documentaries, books and passionate sermons, a darkness in your perspective, an objective, detached truth to your thought process, a reverence for your Creator and an extreme ideology, unapologetic and dismissive to that which is commonly upheld. May I dare to say, even her love for me, her instant comfort in my presence, her effortless understanding of my character, is due to her being fathered by a soul so similar to myself. The stars have aligned for me so perfectly in regards to my wife. I am not worthy of such a gift, however I can NevR be without it in the knowledge of its existence. Thus, I should wish to formally thank you and hope that those words do any justice to my limitless gratitude. May you continue beyond all we can see in this world knowing that the husband of your first born understands her immeasurable worth and will spend his forever attempting to deserve the honour of her presence and love.



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  1. Wow Stephan,
    It is as if you knew my late husband Vince very well. Leah and the siblings sure have a lot of their father’s personality in them and yes, his legacy lives on in them

    I admire you for who you are and thank you so much for appreciating my sweet daughter Leah.

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