Almost NevR

Song Lyrics and Production Credits

Excursions | Miracle Man | Dance Around In My Brain | Last Night | Ending Beginning | C.R.E.A.M. 2014 | Let It Go | You (Interlude) | You | Father | Work, Eat, Shit, Sleep | Sunshine | Slipping Away |

Since the successful release of TO for Toronto, SepTo has spent the better part of the past two years on a personal journey. Much of 2014 was spent embracing another side of SepTo’s identity, drifting away from the usual performing and recording and into writing and speaking. The results of this exploration can be found in the form of articles, song lyrics, short stories and poetry under the MindOfSepTo tab on this website. Throughout all of these things, however, he has not abandoned that which has garnered him his acclaim. SepTo has not stopped making music. Yet. Almost NevR stands as a true work of art, a reflection of his recent spiritual journey and his best work to date.