Another Decaying Crown

‘Another Decaying Crown’ is a documentary that follows Toronto Artist SepTo from 2015, fresh off the completion of his latest and most acclaimed body of work, through his loss of inspiration to promote it. #ADC explores greater themes of artist struggle and internal conflict through the perspectives and opinions of many contributors to Toronto’s music community. It examines the decaying usefulness and impact of today’s “true artist” within a newly-evolved and over-saturated market.


“I saw so much of myself wrapped up in the story arc of Another Decaying Crown.” – Urbanology Magazine

“The film was necessary for so many reasons…” – Kya Publishing

“SepTo, a Toronto-based rapper who has been active in the industry for more than a decade, shares his no-holds-bar views and opinions throughout the film, giving a voice to artists who may find themselves in the same position” – HipHopCanada

“…a new documentary delves into the issues surrounding artists that struggle in the 6ix.” – Worldwide Entertainment TV

“Another Decaying Crown…is a must watch for any hip hop head.” – Bsiide Radio