Work, Eat, Shit, Sleep

You’re born into school straight out of the womb
Your teachers will teach you what’s needed to be in this place
To find your way through
They promise you happiness after you graduate out of this grade
Guiding your mind through 5,6,7 and 8
And every day you sit through conditioning
Listen and learn how to fit in and work
Getting them grades to get in the next grade
Definitive ways to make it
Regurgitate what you’ve learned in an essay
See, now you’re getting it
After you’re finished you’re taught you’re not done
It’s time for college
How come
(You) can not get a job without it
Finish your school
You know the rules

Work, Eat, Sh*t, Sleep

You finish your school
You get a degree
But now you’re in debt
You add it all up
You owe a whole 24,000 dollars to your government
So you apply for a job inside of an office
You got it, with benefit options
9 to 5ing
Barely surviving off of what’s in your wallet
Your debts are eating your pockets
Paying for food, for rent, for shoes
Your cheques, you’re staying alive with
You finish at 5
Your boss is telling you stay back to work on a project
So you oblige
Because if you get fired you’ve got to start over the process
You get home at 9
Not enough time to cook
You call delivery, tip him and eat
You finish and spend the last minutes you have in your day
Just flipping through cable TV
Going to sleep to wake up for 7am
Get bathed, get changed and at them again
Hoping to get a promotion today
You’ll get it soon
You know the rules

Work, Eat, Sh*t, Sleep

You’re a sheep
A battery stuck in the back of a capitalistic society
Your life is too full of these tedious tasks to live your life properly
Your mind is no longer your property
Saving won’t save you from poverty
Cost to live, cost to breathe, cost to drink, cost to eat
Constantly teased with thought’s of winning the lottery
And images of successful ones who tell you they did it so possibly it’s possible
For all of you
Fill you with hope
Keep you alive enough to just provide your body and mind in to the economy
But you’re a slave
A sleep-walking, mind-asleep zombie
Living unconscious, walking dead, pawn piece
Life is not whatever you’re thinking it is
Living deceased so the richest can live
Citizens herded like cattle and sheep
The meaning of life, you know what it is

Work, Eat, Sh*t, Sleep
“Work, Eat, Shit, Sleep” Produced by McCallaman
“Fruit Integration” Produced by Khan SoulO