The Screwtiny

The Screwtiny is the quintessential, unapologetic and highly acclaimed source for album reviews and art discussion. With a panel of 4 qualified influencers from across Toronto’s arts landscape (alongside an occasional special guest), the newest music releases and (un)popular opinions are placed under the screwtiny and broken down to their fundamental truths. Will the latest release receive the undesirable sh*t-face emoji? Or the ever-elusive Screwface score? Our four Screwfacers will determine the true quality of some of our cultures most important projects…

The four influencers that make up the Screwtiny are:
Arch Valenz
Self proclaimed “OG Tastemaker” with a proven track record of breaking new music and discovering artists before they blow up. The founder of the unapologetic and always controversial blog; The Screwface Exchange, which offers an unconstrained Toronto perspective on culture, arts and fashion. Arch has turned TSE from a common music blog to a multimedia & lifestyle brand specializing in showcasing its own original content and products. Unafraid and unrelenting, he has developed the reputation of a man not held back by politeness or industry politics.
A Hip-Hop artist from Toronto held in high acclaim. Through the release of several culturally significant projects and by blessing festival stages across the city for the past decade, SepTo has earned the reputation of an artist’s artist, with documented skillful implementation of his craft. On the heels of his 2015 release, “God Mind”, SepTo has taken a very public break away from making music. Today, his work can be found via in the form of podcasts and written think-pieces.
Creative Director of The Screwface Exchange and selfmade connoisseur. The Screwtiny originated on the TSE blog as written album reviews before evolving into The Screwtiny podcast. Riggs contributed to these highly anticipated Screwtiny reviews and helped set the standard for year-end lists with the site’s Top 25 hottest Toronto rappers, alongside countless other year-end categories. These lists eventually became a direct indicator of who’s who in Toronto’s Hip-Hop community and influenced the direction of the culture as a whole.
Khan SoulO
The man in the background. A soulful producer, responsible for production behind the likes of Sadat X of Brand Nubian, SepTo, Rich Kidd, Wio-K, Korry Deez of IRS, the Juno award-winning Brotha J Vellore and Grimace Love to name a mere few. Khan SoulO is an avid musical connoisseur, who extends his tastes beyond the realms of funk and Hip-Hop, with influences in house, R&B and soul.