An esteemed artist. A revered writer. An award-winning filmmaker. Born and raised in Toronto, SepTo has grown deep roots in the city, interwoven through and across many aspects of the culture. Born into a family of rappers, break-dancers, DJ’s, graffiti artists, activists and Canadian Hip-Hop pioneers, SepTo naturally evolved into a widely-acclaimed rapper/producer and an awe-inspiring stage presence in Toronto, selling out venues and gracing festival stages like IrieFest and Manifesto, drawing crowds of thousands to witness his live performance. Collaborating with many of the city’s most celebrated rappers and producers over the years, SepTo released two highly-acclaimed albums worldwide; Almost NevR in 2014 and God Mind the following year. Both of these projects came after the release of several mixtapes that have now become staples within Toronto’s Hip-Hop community, earning him an elevated reputation as one of the city’s most skillful lyricists. In 2018, SepTo shocked the city again, announcing a feature-length documentary film called “Another Decaying Crown”. Shot by frequent collaborator and co-director Alex Huard, the film followed SepTo throughout the release of God Mind and chronicled his gradual loss of inspiration to create music, ultimately exploring greater themes of artist struggle and internal conflict, examining the decaying usefulness and impact of today’s “true artist” within a newly-evolved and over-saturated market. The film featured many prominent artists and contributors to Toronto’s music industry and went on to win BEST DOCUMENTARY at the Toronto Independent Film Festival in 2018. Staying true to his word in the film, SepTo has not recorded another album since 2015, although he has executive produced several projects for other artists. A collection of his work, consisting of music, published articles, poetry and short stories (along with the documentary film), can be found on his website Although recording music, touring and performing have not seemed to be a priority as of late, SepTo has continued to bring his Hip-Hop state of mind and perspective to many aspects of Toronto life, recently known for speaking engagements and public debates as a go-to contender for panels, radio shows and podcasts. SepTo currently serves as co-creator and consistent contributor to The Left Column, a short-form podcast that features sermons, manifestos and thought pieces from some of the most creative and thought-provoking minds in the city of Toronto.