The Crown Atop a King’s Mind

The king with a crown atop his mind walks amongst us
Spiritline beyond that of blood, though inherited.
Crown atop his mind, though unseen
It’s presence luminous and loud
It’s jewel of a value beyond purchase
His kingship unseen and obvious
His presence commands exaltation,
Even when one has no intention of exalting him
His every utterance wrapped in the cumulative wisdom and experience of eternity
Chosen words, as he is chosen
His sight made clearer with insight
Wisdom inherent, before knowledge
Discomfort and inadequacy arises in those who dress up as kings in his presence
Who wear crowns atop their heads
Crowns earned or stolen, eagerly defended
In the knowledge that their’s can fall from their person and be picked up and worn by another
And his, innate
Unable to be stolen or earned away
He is one of very few
Royalty, regardless of vanity
In all kingdoms
Behold His Crown.

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