‎Back in the day when I was a teenager
Before I had a cell or made music for the paper
I kept a tooly in a case for a CD player strapped to my waist
Waiting to be prayed for
Maybe you’d assume I was a gangster
But we were out the matrix way before we’d seen the movie
See, usually my third eye was strained and bloodshot
All the gunshots and violence wasn’t glorified to me
N* trying to kill me over G’s I was talking to
While I was in my room speaking with the gods and the stars
The block, I saw beyond by eons
NevR prophecy
Though my beginnings inopportune
Soon tunes on suicide
My bible group labeled me demonic and used the bible to rebuke
Removed me from the room
An evil seed from the womb
15, hated by humans who were 42
Preaching the word of God
Meanwhile making moves on my G
Another high-school teen
Poisoned her mind
Hoping to get her open while posing her spine
Get to stroking on a minor but no pork or swine allowed on the fork
How holy art thou
I wanted to have them mirked
But tell me how that would work
God’s word turned against me
Anything I did they would interpret incorrectly
Innocent as I seemed killers would respect me
Threaten, they’d defend me
May their weapon protect me
NevR was a shotta
God blessed me
No one would offend me because I was known around my block as the hottest MC
Freestyling by the barbershop Chrissy got shot
40 told him I was dope off the dome
Back then n* thought I wrote what I’d shown
So I told them throw me a word and I spoke what they’d thrown
No approaching my throne
Potent as coke in your dope
Fifty cent sodas and a soul was all your homie needed to unload
Fizo showed me how to produce beats in my own home
Fast forward four more years, I showed SoulO
Coloss NevR left the block
Sean told me NevR stop
Francois had the studio
That’s the NevR spot
Called it Dot Mega with the washroom that would always lock on you
(I’d) wonder what I’ve got to do to make them lock on you
Make a crowd want you
What did Black Thought do
Busta Rhymes, Pharoahe Monch, De La or Tribe do
Am I at a disadvantage living in Toronto
Me and Khan with our vodka in a water bottle watching Ab-Soul rocking it at the Kendrick Lamar show
Used him as a model like “soon I’ll be touring too”
Or maybe that’s a dream every black boy wants to do
Like playing ball or comedy
I want to be an artist too
Can’t tell your fam if you want them all to be proud of you
This career path is irrational
All the sh*t I want to do is statistically impossible
Always said I wanted to teach
An occupation between a 9 to 5 and an MC
Somewhere along the way I got so empty
Following society instead of my dreams
So now I’m in with both feet.
“Excursions” Produced by SepTo